Digital vold

Digital violence

The internet, applications and social media can be misused to harass, bully, violate, monitor, blackmail and spread images or videos that you don't want out there. It may also be that you are sent or shown abusive material. The word Digital violence is not a "separate" form of violence, but is a term used when various digital platforms are arenas for violence and abuse.

Digital violence includes psychological violence, physical violence, sexual violence, negative social control, economic violence and other forms of violence. Many of the different types of violence occur at the same time. One can, for example, be exposed to physical violence, and at the same time experience surveillance via mobile and PC, or be blackmailed into performing sexual acts online.

Forms of digital violence

  • Threats, spreading rumours, nasty messages via the internet
  • Tracking, monitoring, stalking and control on mobile and PC. (Also applies to video surveillance in the home)
  • Eavesdropping and use of software designed for surveillance (Stalkerware)
  • Being exposed to sexualized language and material with sexualized or violent content.
  • Being pressured to perform sexual acts, posing, stripping, touching in front of a web camera or similar.
  • Hacking and abusing social media or digital devices.
  • Identity theft, fake profiles and ordering goods and services in someone's name.

( What Is Digital Violence?, .)

Consequences of digital violence

According to, there is still insufficient research in the field. But there is every reason to believe that the harmful effects of digital violence can be just as extensive and serious as with other types of physical violence. ( What Is Digital Violence?, . )

Not least, there are major consequences if the digital violence involves spreading images or video material. Such content can be seen by the whole world and will never disappear completely.

Exposed to digital violence - What do I do?

The same rules apply online as in real life. Different forms of digital violence need different measures. In most cases, we recommend reporting to the police and starting the collection of evidence yourself. You can find a guide for this HERE .

Below is information about different types of violence and what you can do:

  • Distribution of nude photos and videos
  • Bullying, incitement and harassment
  • Blackmail
  • Monitoring/Stalking/Stalkerware
  • Hacking
  • Identity theft and fake profiles

Help for intimate partner violence, sexual assault and rape:

DinUtvei - National guide to violence and abuse

The Church's SOS

Telephone: 22 40 00 40

SOS Message Service


The helpline for sexually abused people

Telephone: 800 57 000

The next of kin

Telephone: 90 90 48 48 - For adult relatives

young relatives - for children and young relatives

The VO line

The violence and abuse line is a helpline for those who experience violence or abuse in close relationships

Telephone: 116 006

Mental Health - The helpline

Telephone: 116 123

Mental Health - SiDetMedOrd

Here you can write about what is difficult in life. You can write an anonymous message and then reply within 24 hours.

The babysitting service in Trondheim and Tromsø

Nationwide phone, chat and email service for young girls.

Telephone Trondheim: 73 52 10 00

Tuesday and Thursday

Telephone Tromsø: 77 63 32 65


Red Cross telephone on forced marriage, female genital mutilation and negative social control

Monday to Friday: 09:00-16:00

Telephone: 815 55 201

The emergency telephone for children and young people

Telephone: 116 111

Free advice and guidance service for those who feel violated online.

telephone: 911 29 392


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