About Mia

Image thief hunter, fighter & gamer

Ever since she was little, Mia Landsem has wanted to do something meaningful and she has always been provoked by injustice.

She has been active in gaming, but is also the Norwegian and Nordic champion in taekwondo. She is employed as an Ethical Hacker at Orange Cyberdefense. She has studied IT security at Noroff and has previously studied training, coaching and sports psychology at the Norwegian Sports Academy in Oslo. In recent years, Mia has spent a lot of time fighting against people who spread private photos.

Mia started the hunt for people who choose to spread other people's nude photos. Without getting paid. But with a sincere desire to put people on the wall.

Mia Landsem

Mia Sofie Landsem (born 9 April 1997) is a Norwegian speaker, author, ethical hacker and "computer detective" who works online to expose people behind so-called revenge porn , or the illegal sharing of nude images. In addition, she gives lectures, including at schools, on internet awareness and the importance of consent. In August 2020, she published Trygg på nett , a children's and youth book about internet savvy.

Landsem became publicly known for having revealed the identity of forwarders of nude images that have gone astray, and her work was covered, among other things, in the NRK program "Nakenbildejegeren" (part of the series Viten og viille ), Åsted Norge and Insider Fem. She has received several awards for this work, including the Jenteprisen 2018 from Plan, Asan's Gullvagina and "Guide of the Year" at the UT Awards. [3] She has also been nominated for "Name of the Year 2018" in Dagbladet , "Trønder of the Year 2018" [4] and "Bravest Woman of the Year" in Tara. [5]

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