Stalkerware/Spyware/Overvåkings programvare

Stalkerware/Spyware/Surveillance software

What is Stalkerware/Spyware?

Is there something strange with your mobile phone? Slower or weird pop-ups? Are there signs that someone around you has a very good overview of where you are at all times? Then it could be that someone is stalking you, or has installed so-called stalkerware on your phone. Remember that such signs can also occur with normal use of a phone that you have had for a while.

Stalkerware is a type of application that hackers, abusers or perpetrators of violence use to monitor and track their victims. Simply monitoring. Often the victim and the user know each other, and usually need to have physical access to your device to install such an application. Many parents use some type of stalkerware to track and monitor their children, but there are also several cases where an abuser monitors and spies on their partner.

What can such applications do?

  • Track your location
  • Read messages that are sent and received
  • Check search history
  • Access photos and gallery
  • Record sound

There are several cases of digital violence and cases at Crisis Centers around the country, where it is found that such software has been installed on the victim's phone.

How to protect yourself from Stalkerware/Spyware?

There is no 100% method to protect yourself from such software. It can also be quite difficult to find. It can hide in an app, in files on the phone and is not always visible to the naked eye.

  • Have a screen lock/code lock on your phone and never share the code with anyone. Not even a family member. You may trust them now, but you never know for sure. Make a choice even if your partner or others are trustworthy.
  • Update your phone when new updates are available.
  • Take control of your phone and always keep it close where you can see it.

How to remove stalkerware/spyware?

Finding and removing such software can be difficult. But there are some things you can try yourself.

  • Go to settings and check the list of applications.
  • Delete unknown applications.
  • Check your location sharing settings. Some may have set various apps to share location data with their device. (Type google maps, Where is)
  • Alternatively, you can delete everything on the phone and start over.

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