Falske profiler

Fake profiles

The internet is full of fake profiles. It can be difficult to find out if the person you are talking to is real or not.

Some things you can look for:

  • Do they have one or more social media?
  • Does the profile have little content?
  • How many friends/followers do they have on SoMe?
  • Do they have a profile picture? How many have clicked like?
  • Google the name and see if the information that comes up matches what they say about themselves.
  • Check mobile numbers on 1881, yellow pages and Vipps.
  • Check how high their Snapscore is. Most have well over a thousand points if they are logged in a lot. You earn approximately 1 point for each snap you send/open.
  • they often lie about their camera being broken or that they have no other social media
  • Use OSINT to find out more, read more HERE .

Many have also experienced having an Instagram page created exactly like their own. This is just to report. It often links to erotic websites, which are fake in order to trick card information from others. There is not much more to be done about this problem than reporting.

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