Falske sexprofiler og annonser

Fake sex profiles and ads

Some people experience having fake sex profiles/erotic profiles made of themselves. This can be via typical sex websites, dating apps or Instagram.

Recently, this has increased sharply on Instagram, where you find that a profile that pretends to be yourself with only a slight difference in username, pretends to sell sexual services or nude photos. There is not much to do with these profiles, other than reporting them to Instagram.

On typical websites that sell sex, some people may find that someone is pretending to be them, and may receive text messages from "customers". Some people make these sex profiles and ads as a "joke". but in some cases this is digital violence , where someone with the knowledge and will to hurt and torment others creates the profiles to damage one's reputation and mental health.

To delete these profiles, you can report, and many of the websites have a contact form or email where you can write that someone is pretending to be you. Then they are usually helpful in deleting. You can also experience getting erotic hits on your name when you google it. You can ask Google to remove this. Read more about it HERE .

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