Gode passord og to trinns sikkerhet

Good passwords and two-step security


Most passwords that we create are something that belongs to us. It can be the name of a child. year and name of pet. Maybe the name of your first love? Hackers and criminals know this all too well. They also know that the first letter is most likely capitalized, and that the password consists of numbers and special characters.

Using a password bank/password manager is strongly recommended, but if you are going to create your own passwords, you can read on. read about password bank HERE . If you don't want this, you either have to remember your passwords, or you can write them down in a book.

The best passwords are usually a little long, and should preferably not contain standard information about yourself that anyone can find openly on the web. Make a sentence that makes you happy, look around the room at what colors or what CDs you have. Use spaces instead of ! and ?. A phrase that you enjoy or find funny is much easier to remember and harder for hackers and criminals to guess. You can also use words or phrases with dialect. O

What is two-step security?

In addition to having good passwords, you MUST use two-step security. This is incredibly important, and you usually only need the ability to send SMS, mail or an app. It is recommended to use an app, e.g. google authenticator . Two-stage security means that if a hacker were to somehow get hold of your email/username and password, they will be stopped when they log in because they are trying to log in to an unknown device. You will receive an SMS/Email or a code on your authenticator app if it is really you who has logged in. This will then stop the attacker!

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