Password leak

What is a password leak?

Have you heard of the word password leak? Or received a notification that your passwords are at risk and may be out on the "dark web"? A password leak is as simple as the name is, a leak of passwords that is posted on both the dark web, but also on the open.

It is not unknown for this to happen. If you haven't changed your password for quite some time, you can almost be sure that your email and your passwords on various social media or websites are out there. You can never protect yourself from this completely. You can change your password once in a while and use two-step security - that's really the only solution.

How do I know if I have been involved in a leak or if my information has been spread online?

You can check that on a page called Have I Been Pwned?

Here you can enter your email and check whether it has been part of a leak.

How to use Have i Been pwned?

  • Go to
  • Enter your email.

If this comes up, then your email is in a password leak. When you scroll down you can see which apps/websites' leaks you have been a part of.

If it shows green, on the other hand - then the email is safe. But remember to check the other emails you use too!

  • You can also check your passwords. This is safe. Enter your password here:
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