Slette deg eller avdøde på Instagram

Delete Instagram

How to delete Instagram if you get logged in

  1. Go to the S easy page and log in. HERE
  2. Choose why you want to delete your profile.
  3. Enter password to confirm.

How to delete Instagram if you cannot log in

  1. You can reset your password on THIS page .
  2. Change your password and follow the tutorial further up.

If you have forgotten your email or have lost access, it is not possible to regain access.

How to delete the deceased on Instagram

To protect privacy, Instagram cannot release login information to someone who has died. But Instagram can delete the deceased's account by being provided with the necessary documentation. This is done by submitting a form and scanning a copy or taking a photo of the death certificate or probate certificate.

You can find the form for removing the Instagram account of a deceased person HERE . You must log in to your own user to be able to submit this to Instagram.

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