Slette oppføring i katalogtjenster (1881 etc.)

Delete entry in directory services (1881 etc.)

  • Are you tired of telephone salespeople and strangers calling you on your phone number and seeing your address at the touch of a button? Fear not, there is a solution!

1. Contact your telecom operator

Websites such as Gulesider and 1881 obtain numbers and addresses from telecom operators. A telecommunications operator is simply the company with which you have your mobile subscription. When you get a new subscription or phone number, you can choose to state that you want to reserve against entry. If you did not do this straight away, you can usually easily make a reservation later on the telecom operator's website or application. This is completely free.

If you are unsure how to do this, you can always visit the telecom operator's stores or call customer service.

2. Contact the directory services

Several of these websites with phone numbers and addresses have their own services to remove you. In any case, the easiest thing will be to contact your telecommunications operator, but know that you also have the option of contacting the directory services directly. You may have to log in, or contact customer service/contact via a contact form.

Here is a list of some of the directory services:

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