Sugardating/Sugardaddy svindel

Sugardating/Sugardaddy Scam

Sugardating is when someone (often older men) pays another person (often young women) for a relationship. You can be treated to trips, money, dinners and other things to spend time with your "sugar daddy". Sometimes it ends up paying to have sex. There are websites that offer Sugardating, but you can also be contacted via social media. On some of the websites you get paid, and some "sugar daddies" are decent, and do not push for sex. Unfortunately, there are many people with worse thoughts, which means that you can end up in an awkward situation. Unfortunately, there are also many people who pretend to be sugar daddies, but who are actually fraudsters. Then you can end up losing money, or end up in an extortion situation where you may have sold nude pictures and are now being blackmailed not to spread them further. Read more about sexual blackmail HERE .

Photo: Romerikets Blad


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