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Shut up fraud

Tise is an app where you can buy and sell. It can be nice to use this to acquire new assets or sell off your own, but it is also frequently used for fraud. Many also find that someone has hacked their account, or created an account with their name in order to defraud others. Often it is about "small sums", but which is a lot of money for some.

You can also experience selling an item from which you do not receive a transfer, by people sending edited photos of the fact that they have transferred money to your account. Some also try to suggest other shipping solutions, which are often nonsense sent as links.

Tise has its own payment solution, use it!

Source: Sparebank1

How to avoid being scammed:

  • Do not pay in advance! They can send by cash on delivery, so you pay when you get there. Always meet in person if possible, or get a friend nearby to do so.
  • See if the profile is new, unknown, look for mutual friends. Does the profile look new and doesn't have much information? Then the warning lights should light up.
  • Check Facebook groups about scammers to check up on who you are talking to. BLACK LIST is a large group with a lot of activity.
  • Do not click on links you are sent. Use traditional delivery methods.
  • Never provide your card information when selling or selling goods.
  • Report accounts that are trying to scam you or have scammed you.

If the accident has happened, I always encourage you to report it, but you will probably never get your money back. If you have been tricked into providing card information, block your card as soon as possible.

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