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Lecture - Safe online

Lecture - Safe online

About the lecture Safe online:

Mia's lectures are strong and important and suitable for both young and adults, what Mia tells about is a wake-up call in our time's iPhone generation. In the lecture "Safe online", she goes through all the dangers of the internet, positive aspects, gaming, pedophiles, passwords, image sharing and more, in short everything you need to be safe online.

For whom: For everyone. The lecture takes into account the age of the audience. Suitable for schools, teachers, parents and companies.

Time : 60 minutes, but can be changed if necessary.

Location: Mia lives in Oslo, but can give lectures throughout the country in return for travel. Specify which county the lecture is to be held in.

Price: Varies based on route, tasks and number of lectures.

Info: Mia will contact you to clarify the time and details in more detail. Ordering here will only create an order, and will not trigger demands for an agreement, payment or invoice until Mia has clarified the details with you. Invoicing is due on the day the lecture is held, and sent via EHF if possible.

There are also opportunities to do other collaborations with Mia, and get before/after tasks for schools. If the client is a school, choose whether lectures are desired both during the day for students and parents in the evening, or only students during the day or only parents in the evening.

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